About Me


My name is Navid Ardeshir and I am a Statistics Ph.D. student at Columbia University who has a strong desire to explore mathematical objects beyond my level of understanding! Prior to columbia, I completed my bachelors in Electrical Engineering at Sharif University in 2019.

I have an eclectic taste in science and always try to nitpick in variety of areas that are (sometimes) unrelated to my research since I believe novel ideas were invented once before by someone else in some other field and reinventing the wheel is an act of blasphemy in modern science! The purpose of this blog is mostly to document interesting subjects that I have encountered through my insignificant journey. Here is a link to my CV.


I tend to watch a decent amount of indie films and movies! I strongly recommend:

  • Amadeus for those who enjoy historical drama!
  • Close up for a masterpiece in iranian cinema!

During my undergrad I played Tennis (here is some evidence)! Do hit me up if you were around Columbia and wanted to play: